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What is the Mato way
For years we have been in the Tank business, and this is only because of you. Mato\'s customers are at the heart of each and every business decision. Your ongoing support has been critical for Mato Toys to successfully navigate through challenging times.

Indeed the RC tank business can be challenging at times because of the small size of it, but we continue to believe in these products, and know a lot of people count on us to continue to keep them in the market.
However, in as times may be difficult, and factories and suppliers remain fully committed to providing customers with only the best products. Employees worldwide tirelessly work together to ensure that the RC Tank market remains stable. Finally, and above all, customer loyalty was reaffirmed as we continue to receive great response on items we produce. Mato intends to fulfill its founding mission of contributing authentic War memorabilia and other unique toys into the market, promoting and educating people on history. Customers requirements and society\'s expectations change with time. Even in these times of changes, it is the continual evolvement that defines growth, and Mato will improve continually in step with these transformations.

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